Pinaki Laskar

AI Researcher, Cognitive Technologist, 2X Founder | Inventor – L4+ Autonomous Intelligence | Innovator – Aeroponics, GeneralAI, FishEyeBox

AI/ML, Automotive
Futurists, Thought Leader

Pinaki Laskar


Pinaki Laskar, is an AI Researcher, Inventor, Futurist Speaker, XAI Author and Thought Leader, Spatial Computing Savant. A disruptive Innovator and Cognitive Technologist, has been founding brain for many disruptive AI solutions ranging from Autonomous Car and Intelligent Transport System, AI-based Music and Health Care. He is an expert and distinguished Inventor in Artificial Intelligence and IIOT with research in AI and Ethics. As a thought leader he has been speaker at various conferences across world with a work experience of two decades. NodeXL has listed Pinaki as one of the top 10 Influencers of Selfdriving Cars and Data Scientist in the world and Thinkers360 has recognized him in the Top 20 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Autonomous Vehicles.

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