Upasana Taku

Chairperson, Cofounder & COO - MobiKwik and Zaakpay, Mobikwik & Zaakpay

Finance, Start-ups
Women Business Leaders, Women Business Leaders

Upasana Taku


Upasana is now the leading force and face at MobiKwik. Stanford Graduate Taku launched MobiKwik in 2009, one of the country’s first fintech start-ups and a major player today and has expanded it into payment gateways, digital wallets, digital lending, instant credit, mutual funds, and peer-to-peer lending. Taku’s idea all along has been to offer financial services to the rest who are left behind or ignored by banks and NBFCs. Now, she serves 140 million registered users in India with a merchant network of over 4 million. She has been felicitated as First female Fintech founder felicitation from President of India in 2018 and was featured in Forbes Asia's 25 Power Businesswomen list in 2019 and Kotak Wealth Hurun – richest self-made women in India list.

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