Jayant Akut

Senior IT professional with 10+ years of experience as CTO, Freelance Consultant

Information and Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence
Data and Analytics, Data and Analytics

Jayant Akut


A seasoned expert with 38 years of management experience in a Fortune 500 state-owned Oil & Gas corporation. Contributed to several technology-led projects during the company's transformation, encompassing a wide range of technologies from solution architecture centered around SAP to data-driven decision support systems.

I was the lead for the following technology projects: Advanced Analytics, Data Science/Machine Learning/Operational Research Models, Solution Architecture, SAP Technologies, SCM, SAP Licenses Procurement, Data Warehouse, Middleware, Application Development Management, Refinery-specific Applications, Databases, Infrastructure Management, Virtualization, Document Management Systems and so on.

ML, Data Science, and AI are my current areas of focus!