Amar Naik

Senior VP Of Engineering , Digital Transformation, Product Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Divum Corporate Services Pvt Ltd

Leadership and Management | AI/ML, Artificial Intelligence, Business Transformation

Amar Naik


Amar is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Divum Corporate Services Pvt Ltd, a premier provider of digital solutions for startups and enterprises. With over two decades in the IT sector, he boasts a track record of delivering intricate and scalable products across diverse domains and platforms. Specializing in digital transformation and artificial intelligence, Amar's expertise spans product architecture, IT consulting, and delivery management. He has spearheaded the creation and implementation of roadmaps, standards, and processes for clients in fintech, banking, healthcare, and non-profit sectors. Notable among his achievements are the successful launches of products in Travel & Holidays, Fintech & Banking, eCommerce, FMCG, Sports & Fitness, Healthcare, Non-Profit Organizations, and Enterprise domains.

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