Prem Mohan

Technical Writer - Times of India, Times of India

AI/ML, Cybersecurity
Internet of Things (IOT), Blockchain

Prem Mohan


Prem Mohan is a Senior IT Consultant in Delhi, India. Also freelancing Technical and Creative Writing work. He is a Computer Science Post Graduate with an MBA in Information Management System. Prem has 10+ years of experience in Information Technology in different roles as Consultant, Project Manager, Tech Lead and Software Engineer. Also involved in Professional Speaking, Workshops, Seminars, and Writing. He is researching Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to make life better for Specially Abled people. He was also involved in Professional Speaking, Workshops, Seminars and Technical Writing. - Mentored IIT Delhi for Smart India Hackathon 2017 and grabbed First Runner Up Position. He has conducted Workshops on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and provides IT Consultancy to various Government Departments.

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