Nidhee Kekre

Business Management , Transformation, Leadership, Strategy Design and Execution, Business Expansion | DEI, None

Business Transformation, Women Business Leaders
Branding and Advertising, Branding and Advertising

Nidhee Kekre


Nidhee is a top-performing, highly skilled business expert and approachable WPP Unilever team leader with over 20 years of experience. She excels in recommending business strategies to achieve organizational revenue goals, identifying new opportunities, and solving business problems. Nidhee has successfully managed a multimillion-dollar business, making it the best performing market globally. With expertise in strategy design and execution, digital transformation, and process optimization, she develops and implements effective strategies that drive growth and sustainable success. An authentic leader, Nidhee is passionate about team development, promoting growth, and creating engaging, empowering cultures. She enjoys coaching, mentoring, and building teams to advance their careers.

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