Dr Chandra Rajan

Advocate, Arbitrator, Mediator, Freelance International Journalist, & Peacemaker, Supreme Court Of India

Legal, Journalism
Inspiring Women, Inspiring Women

Dr Chandra Rajan


My career journey has been marked by diverse experiences and continuous dedication. I began as a journalist in 1990, taking on various roles until 2015. In 2004, I earned a Ph.D. in Marketing from UBS, Panjab University, Chandigarh, leading me to a lecturing role. Subsequently, I pursued an LLB from University of Delhi and transitioned into the legal profession. As full-time advocate, mediator, and arbitrator, I've completed over 300 legal assignments. Simultaneously, my passion for journalism persisted. I continued as a freelance journalist, contributing book reviews, & participating in international forums. Have serving as a judge in moot courts, & jury in Lok Adalats. In my legal practice, I prioritize guiding clients through complex proceedings, explaining legal intricacies, & achieving settlements. Approximately 60% of my cases are resolved through effective communication & negotiation before reaching courtroom. The most fulfilling aspect is seeing clients' genuine satisfaction and appreciation for my dedication.

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