Kripa Gopalan

Development Consultant, Consulting

Healthcare, Organisational Development
ESG and Sustainability, Data and Analytics

Kripa Gopalan


Kripa has worked with I/NGOs on projects across sectors: Naandi Foundation, STCI, KeF, AMREF, SDGPP in health+education. She has led projects in varied roles & capacities in Operations, Data structuring, MIS, Strategy, M&E, Designing systems, processes, Stakeholder management, Designing Health Systems, Healthcare Financing and Telemedicine. She has provided support & expertise to professional/organizations on policy & advocacy. She authored national reports & performed data analysis for projects. She is known for her proficiency and deft abilities to streamline and align program process, besides creating RFPs, developing & conducting E2E research projects. Her contributions to national policy documents: the National Health & Mental Health policy draft, EM/HR standards, inputs to constitution of NeHA, inputs to ePharmacy, BIS-medical device standards—have been acknowledged and appreciated. SME, Public Health, has spoken as a panelist and chaired sessions on Health and Education. She can apply her experiences through consulting, ensuring challenging issues are logically resolved.

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