Aradhana Lal

SVP Sustainability & ESG, Lemon Tree Hotels, Lemon Tree Hotels LTD

ESG and Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion
Human Resource, Human Resource

Aradhana Lal


Aradhana is a sustainability and ESG leader, driving impactful change at Lemon Tree Hotels. The company's mission centers on building an inclusive workforce, exemplified by their 15-year practice of employing Individuals With Disabilities (EWDs). Aradhana aims to raise their current 14% representation to around 30% by FY 2025-2026. Her commitment was recently acknowledged when Lemon Tree Hotels received the prestigious FICCI FLO award for outstanding inclusivity, with Aradhana representing the company. She actively co-leads EWD recruitment and pioneers new initiatives in the disability sector, having conducted groundbreaking trials over the past nine years, including individuals with Down Syndrome, Autism, Visual Impairment/Low Vision, as well as Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI) and Orthopaedically Handicapped (OH) employees, which the company routinely hires. With an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and 29 years of experience spanning Sales, Marketing, Corporate Communications, and Sustainability, Aradhana is a pioneering figure in the ESG and sustainability space.

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