Nikhil Kant

Head of Brand - Even Healthcare | LinkedIn Top Content Marketing Voice, Even Healthcare

Branding, Marketing and Communication | Branding and Advertising, Personal Branding, Marketing

Nikhil Kant


Nikhil is a brand marketing leader with 13+ years of experience in creating and executing impactful digital and content strategies for various industries and markets. He has worked with some of the most iconic brands, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Sony, as an agency partner, and led the global social media team at Uber, managing multiple campaigns and initiatives across regions and channels. Currently, he is the head of brand marketing, PR and social at Even, a healthcare startup, changing the way healthcare is delivered in India. He is responsible for building the brand identity, voice, and narrative, and increasing brand awareness, engagement, and sentiment. He is an angel investor in several emerging startups, a content marketing trainer at Upgrad and GrowthSchool, and a podcast host. Nikhil also actively speaks on advertising and branding and has claimed the LinkedIn Top Content Marketing Voice.

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