Aman Bandvi

Co-Founder - India Blockchain Alliance, India Blockchain Alliance

Strategy, Generative AI
Public Affairs, Public Affairs

Aman Bandvi


Aman is a thought leader and speaker on key domains at the intersection of government policy, emerging technology, Innovation, cognitive intelligence, ethics and impact. He convenes and contributes to the working groups of (1) The Democracy Dialogues Roundtable and (2) AI - The Nested Wolf, roundtable on ethics, purpose and responsible tech. He is an experienced professional advisor for growth strategies, building brands, perception management, and public affairs. He advises organisations to unlock value from innovation and emerging technology to solve grand challenges. He adds value to companies - both national and international - in maintaining impeccable relations with their key audiences; In advocating policy issues, in understanding existing policy nuances nationally; in advising on government affairs; in ensuring a high level of trust among the business ecosystems; in maintaining a positive trust index and in designing purpose-driven initiatives that conform to the broad vision of the board.


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