Priyanka Madnani

Founder at Easy To Pitch, Easy To Pitch

Investment, Marketing
Design Thinking, Design Thinking

Priyanka Madnani


Priyanka, a foremost pitch expert and startup advisor in India, brings a decade of experience transforming investment pitches for over 10,000 entrepreneurs through Easy To Pitch, her founded venture. Acknowledged on platforms like Josh Talk, her startup validation and fundraising prowess led to features in 30+ publications, including YourStory and ET Times, alongside multiple excellence awards. As Chief Investment Officer at Terex Ventures, Priyanka bridges the startup-investor gap, demonstrating her unwavering commitment to global pitch readiness. She mentors at prestigious institutions like IITs, IIMs, and DU, while her SaaS platform, Incudash, pioneers comprehensive support from idea validation to successful startups. Priyanka's dedication extends to her latest book, "Idea to Market," a vital resource offering real-world examples and practical insights for entrepreneurs across all levels.

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