Archana Karkera

Independent SEO Consultant, Independent Consultant

Social Media, Branding and Advertising
Branding and Advertising, eCommerce

Archana Karkera


Archana Karkera has been in the field of Digital Marketing since 2008. She has worked with companies like Justdial leading a team to work on the local search engine website's visibility improvement on Google. With major expertise in Search Engine Optimization, she has worked as an independent consultant for various businesses and as a trainer for newbies who want to enter the world of Digital Marketing and SEO. After completing her education with Masters's in Information Technology in 2008, she immediately entered Digital Marketing, when the term didn't even coin in. She started with Google Adwords and Paid Marketing and entered Search Engine Opimization after a year. Since then, SEO has never left her mind. In the 12 years of working in the field, she has dealt with various niches, including e-commerce, industrial services, local search engines, travel, education, and virtual reality.

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