Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia

Mompreneur, Model, Global SdG Ambassador, Mentor Of Change, LinkedIn Top Voice, eD WebStudio Channel

Public Speaking, Behavioral skills
Branding and Advertising, Branding and Advertising

Dr. Rabiaah Bhatia


Dr. Rabiaah is the visionary founder, director, and personal branding advisor at eD WebStudio Channel, a platform offering mentoring, training, and branding services. With over 23 years of experience, she's empowered countless individuals and organizations to enhance their online and offline presence. A mentor of change, Dr. Rabiaah is dedicated to inspiring personal and professional growth, contributing to societal development. As a renowned public figure, multi-award-winning eduleader, and global SDG ambassador, she's recognized for her impactful leadership. Transitioning from various sectors, her journey exemplifies resilience and purpose. Dr. Rabiaah's mission is to nurture millions of lives, fostering inspiring leaders for a better world.

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