Anoop Kumar Mittal

Managing Director, AIDA

Corporate Consulting,

Anoop Kumar Mittal


With 40 years of experience in Civil Engineering, Consultancy, Real Estate Development, and Project Management, this senior construction industry veteran has a remarkable track record of achievements, overseeing a 16 Billion US$ order book. They specialize in large-scale project redevelopment for optimal land resource utilization. Their portfolio includes projects under various ministries, including Housing and Urban Affairs, Defence, Home Affairs, and more. They've led projects like Mass Housing, Medical Colleges, Border Fencing, Infrastructure Projects, and Solid Waste Management, demonstrating expertise in Civil Engineering, Government Relationships, and Operations Management. Skilled in policy formation and implementation, acquisitions, strategic planning, and staff development, they possess a wide-ranging skill set that ensures project success, client satisfaction, and business growth.

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