Bhavana Issar

Founder & CEO - Caregiver Saathi, Caregiver Saathi: Companions for Caregivers

Healthcare, Women's Health
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Bhavana Issar


Caregiver Saathi, founded by Bhavana, is dedicated to recognizing and uplifting the often-neglected sphere of care-related work, an essential yet often unseen driver of our economy and human existence. In a world striving for gender equality, Bhavana's mission is to shed light on this undervalued aspect of life.

With nearly 25 years of experience in diverse global corporations as a consultant and HR leader, Bhavana blends practical achievements with profound professional knowledge. She not only leads Caregiver Saathi but also serves as CEO of Sambhaavna, a business consulting firm. Bhavana's philosophy centers on co-creation, trust, gentle challenges, and open communication, fostering diverse perspectives and innovative possibilities. Beyond her professional roles, she is an adventurous motorcycle rider, embodying the spirit of exploration and curiosity.