Narayan Verma

Founder & CEO, of Standard Wealth Online, Standard Wealth Online

Finance, Innovation
Innovation, Innovation

Narayan Verma


Narayan has spent almost nine years training, coaching and teaching graduate students, financial advisors, content creators, managers, and investors of diverse backgrounds. Starting his career as an assistant faculty of CFPCM and Wealth Management courses, Narayan is now innovating how financial knowledge flows through investors and public to scale the reach. Narayan’s training and coaching experience has focused on life insurance, general insurance, wealth management, mutual funds, and alternative assets. As a professional trainer, Narayan has also assisted in developing popular courses like CWM®, CREP, and AFA for AAFM India and several modules of CFPCM certification for IIFP and other institutions. He is also well-versed in creating legally and socially acceptable digital and marketing content for BFSI brands. Over the years, he has worked with several renowned businesses and brands with their digital content generation activities. 

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