Kiran Bedi

First Woman IPS, Former Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, DEI Champion, India Vision Foundation

Society & reform, Inspiring Women
Leadership, Social Activism

Kiran Bedi


As the first and highest-ranking female officer in the national police force, Kiran Bedi earned a reputation for being tough yet innovative on the job. Her efforts to prevent crime, reform prisons, end drug abuse, and support women’s causes earned her a Roman Magsaysay Award, the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Bedi also served as a police adviser to the UN Secretary General. Bedi earned recognition for the work she did as inspector general of prisons in 1994. In that capacity she reshaped one of the largest prisons in the world—the Tihar prison complex by addressing the corruption and human rights abuses she found there. She has never failed to shine light upon the gravity of the topic of women empowerment in her speeches, webinars, or counseling sessions. Her life incidents have shaped her into becoming an exemplary leader that she is today. 

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