Harish Desai

Fr. Development Officer, LIC of India, LIC

Insurance, Taxation
Finance, Finance

Harish Desai


Harish Desai boasts a distinguished career in the insurance sector, notably with LIC, where he served as an Assistant and a Development Officer for an impressive 35 years. His achievements led him to qualify for the All India Ace competition multiple times and secure All India merit recognition for premium counts. His expertise has spanned a wide spectrum, making him a valuable mentor for numerous MDRT agents, COT agents, Zonal Manager Club members, D.M. Club agents, and BM Club members. With a profound understanding of insurance, he effectively managed an average team of around 70 agents during his career. 

His substantial experience in sales and marketing, along with a repertoire of over 1,000 sessions, has rendered him a sought-after speaker, trainer, and motivator nationwide. Harish also actively engages with social organizations, educational institutions, and offers online and offline courses to LIC's marketing force.