Dr Shivaji Jadhav

Head of Molecularbiology - Orange Health Labs, Orange Health Labs

Medicine and Alternative Medicine, Scientist
Academics, Academics

Dr Shivaji Jadhav


Dr. Shivaji holds a PhD in Biochemistry with a specialization in Molecular Biology and Virology from the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, an esteemed institution under the Indian Council of Medical Research in Mumbai. His research has significantly contributed to unraveling the transmission mechanisms and pathogenesis of HIV, earning international recognition through awards, scholarships, and presentations at prestigious scientific forums. Published in high-impact journals, his work has garnered acclaim for its contributions to global health.

Additionally, Dr. Shivaji serves as an Expert Guide point and GLG Member in the USA, offering expertise across various platforms including Atheneum, Alphasights, Tegus, Third Bridge, Life Sciences Strategy, UC Consulting for Healthcare, Right Angle, Coleman Research, focusing on areas encompassing Molecular Diagnostics, Biotechnology, and disease management. His proficiency spans Molecular, NGS, PCR Market, Life Sciences, Infectious Disease POCT, Laboratory design, NABL, and International market trends in Molecular Diagnostics.