Prabhakaran P N

Director - Powerful Motivational Speaker and Success Coach, Mind and Soul Care Clinic

Motivational, Health & Wellness
Inspirational Stories, Team Building
Prabhakaran P N


The expert runs a clinic named Mind and Soul Care Clinic in Mylapore, Chennai, curing patients afflicted with all kinds of mind-related problems. He is of the firm conviction that all mind-related problems arise out of improper handling of the subconscious mind. He has made penetrative and arduous research in the field of treatment of patients with subconscious mind treatment techniques for over a decade with a high degree of commitment, dedication, perseverance, and achieved expertise in this field. His consistency in successfully treating the patients through his dexterous treatment strategies invented after several years of penetrative research in discovering how to focus, concentrate and release the hidden powers of the subconscious minds of people has made him popular in this arena of treatment. He has written articles in Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Express, Tamil magazines like Rani, Gokulam Kathir, Kumudham, Snegidhi, Thinamalar, etc. He is currently writing a cover story every month in Nam Thozhi magazine.