Dr. Anbu Rathinavel

Chief Design Officer - Intellect Design Arena | Head - School of Design Thinking, School of Design Thinking

Quality and Process Management, Design Thinking
Business Transformation, Business Transformation

Dr. Anbu Rathinavel


With Life Architecting as his mission, Anbu has played a breakthrough role in coaching on the Design Mind, Engaging Learning Culture, Mindfulness Leadership Development and Transforming OD. As Chief Design Officer in Intellect Design Arena, he is currently focusing on balancing eastern (mind) and western (brain) philosophy to leverage Design Thinking as a problem solving approach in all walks of life. The Strength Philosophy coaching model that he has designed, complimented by his deep experience in both Project Delivery for U.S Department of Defense (DoD) and Academics, helps corporate leaders, managers, Faculty and teachers in focusing  on lasting impact and creating a tribe within the teams to ensure delivery excellence.

He is a co-founder of School of  Design Thinking and has been instrumental in launching several initiatives for academics to change the self-image of students and faculties. The copyrighted Design The Thinking™ approach is flagship program developed under his leadership.