Manoj Mittal

Digital Transformation Officer, Bluerose Technologies

Innovation, AI/ML & Technology | Digital Transformation, Start-ups, Data and Analytics

Manoj Mittal


Having spent nearly three decades in the IT industry, Manoj Mittal is one of today's most charismatic Business Leaders. A foundation's persistence is crucial to the performance of Digital Transformation and having a centered leader at the forefront is critical. Unquestionably, Manoj is steering a transition with a large-scale, corporate vision that embraces Digital Innovation. Manoj is an energetic, innovative and a charismatic leader with over 28 years in the IT industry. Throughout the career, he has been a catalyst in transforming the organizations. A member with several non-profit bodies and organizations like IEEE, TiE, WWRF, IFCCI, ITU-APT, Venture Catalyst, he also handholds a few startups on voluntary basis.

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