Shekhar Kapur

Oscar-Nominated Film Director, Filmmaker and Storyteller, Chairman at Film & Television Institute of India, Chairman at Film & Television Institute of India

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Storytelling, Storytelling

Shekhar Kapur


Shekhar Kapur is an award-winning director, producer and entrepreneur. He has not only become a prominent figure in Indian cinema, with films such as Mr India (1987) and Bandit Queen (1994) but also in western cinema, with films such as the Oscar-winning Elizabeth (1998) and Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007). In addition to his prolific contributions to cinema, Kapur has been an Honorary Scholar at MIT, and more recently, has become President of the Film and Television Institute of India. Questioning the structured existence of his early years spent as a professional Accountant, Management Consultant and Economist in the UK, he set off in search of a life of adventure. Since then he has been a Chat Show Host in the UK and India, an Actor in India, a Writer, Futurist and speaker at forums all over the world on the future of technology.  He has also created popular comic books, animation films and characters.

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