Rohit kumar

Founder and CEO at Zedsoftpoint | Speaker at G20 summit India | Member G20 Brazil | Partner AWS, Google, Microsoft, Zedsoftpoint

Digital Transformation, AI/ML
Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity

Rohit kumar


Rohit, the visionary Founder and CEO of Zedsoftpoint, is a prominent figure in the global tech landscape. With a distinguished role as a speaker at the G20 Summit in India, he contributes to shaping digital transformation policies as a member of G20 Brazil's task force and action council. Partnered with industry giants like AWS, Google, Microsoft, and SAP, Rohit's firm leads the charge in innovative solutions. His expertise extends to speaking engagements at prestigious events such as Convergence India Expo 2024 and Mint Hindustan Times Technology Policy forum. Rohit's influence spans across diverse platforms, including his role as a speaker at the World Paperex Expo.

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