Jaspreet Bindra

Digital Transformation Expert & Founder, Digital Matters & UNQBE

Entrepreneurship, Digital Media
Founder/CEO, Celebrity Entrepreneurs
Jaspreet Bindra


Mr. Bindra is the founder and Independent Advisor of Digital Matters, an advisory firm, in the areas of Digital Transformation, Blockchain and The Future of Work. His digital transformation experience spans across Agritech, Real Estate, Next-gen Social Networks, Hospitality, Auto and Financial Services. Prior to this, he was the SVP Digital Transformation at Mahindra Rise. His first book on digital transformation, technology and how they will shape enterprises, The Tech Whisperer will be released later this year. He speaks widely on various topics including Blockchain. A couple of years back, Mr. Bindra was recognised with the inaugural ‘Digitalist of the Year’ by Mint and SAP.