Adele Landauer

Professional Coach and Actress, German actress 

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Adele Landauer


She finished her studies at the "Ernst Busch" Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin in 1983, and from then on she regularly appeared on the stage and in front of the camera. She played roles in various theaters, Such as in Maria Stuart , Iphigenie, or Lady Macbeth . Among her most famous roles in film and television are those of Charlotte von Frankenberg in the family series Frankenberg and the friend Tina Friday of Karin Kienzer played Michaela Martin in the ZDF family series Unser Charly . She also starred as a veterinarian Nora in the popular TV series Fest im Sattel and the Kinofilm Who is afraid of red, yellow, blue? In appearance. This was followed by performances with Episode roles in productions such as Feuerbach , Heimatgeschichten , dispute over three , in the name of the law , The Country Doctor , The Commissioner , Alpha Team , Police 110 or A Case for Two or various films, including All because Robert De Niro is one , As a result, she was no longer seen on TV, and after some further international training she developed ManageActing , a kind of dramatic training tailored to modern management needs . She has also been a speaker , trainer and author in business and politics for several years . From May 7 to September 28, 2012, she embodied in the ZDF Telenovela Path to Happiness - Footprints in the Sand the Reederin Senta Ahlsen, the mother of one of the main characters of the story of four friends. Adele Landauer now lives in Berlin-Schlachtensee and has a daughter, Marlene Landauer , who is also active as an actress and also works as a model.