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5 Things Expert Speakers Can Do at Firms, Which Founders and CEOs Cannot

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We all have heard the good old phrase ‘No one is a prophet in their own land’. This is absolutely true for companies and organizations. If you doubt it, read the life of Henry Ford and the legendary Steve Jobs. Even though they had a prophetic following outside their firms, they too faced stiff resistances while bringing change in their organizations.


Most founders find it very difficult to bring in changes inside their organizations, due to their own making! A year back in a common gathering, a leading Grocery e-commerce startup founder talked at length about the resistances he received from his loyal first employees, while he was trying to experiment offline and online hybrid delivery model.

A proven technique of making change acceptable in companies is by making all stakeholders own it. Who best to convince your teams than expert or motivational speakers?

Prepping up your teams for change is just one of the many advantages of involving an external speaker.  Let’s look at a few more time-tested advantages of inviting motivational speakers.

  1. Energy and Inspiration: Choosing the right topic for an expert speaker inline with your company goals, will sure of energizing and inspiring your teams. You should be careful in picking the speaker as well and here is a list of speakers segregated by topics for you to choose from.
  2. Fresh Perspective: Like everything in the World, fatigue sets in too fast on companies’ missions as well. Teams losing enthusiasm for the mission could mean the death knell on growth. Motivational speakers are tuned to bring a fresh perspective and inject renewed rigor into the task. You might think, they are presenting the things you know through ppt from their laptop. But who can stop their nodding mind while listening to a charming speaker? 😊
  3. The Bandwagon Effect: The bandwagon effect is a cognitive bias that causes people to think or act in a certain way because they believe that others are doing the same. Don’t you think the enthusiasm and positivity injected by Motivational Speaker will influence everyone, not just a few.
  4. Win Trust and Loyalty: Apart from the interaction with the specialist speakers, for employees, knowing the fact that their company is going the extra mile to develop them will enhance loyalty towards the company.

Now, expert speakers from across industries and walks of life are open for offline as well as online interactions. It’s easy and affordable to invite the best speakers in the domain to your engagements. For any query of planning expert sessions and inviting them, feel free to email lets.speak@speakin.co or call +919810735754.

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