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Top 20 Topics for 2024 Women’s Day Celebration in India: Women Reservation Bill, Women Lead Economy, and other interesting ones to choose

Forget the same old flower bouquets and feel-good speeches! This year let’s celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) with powerful discussions that can bring changes. 

Did you know? According to a survey in 2021, 85% of Indian women have missed out on raises or promotions due to gender. While almost everyone believes in gender equality, on the ground it’s not executed well enough.

That’s why we have created a list of 20 hot topics that will get your minds ticking. These are the things that matter, like smashing the glass ceiling in business and giving girls a fair shot in science and tech. 

Read below for powerful insights.

1.Women Lead Economy

Where is the story of female entrepreneurs who crushed it in the boardrooms? 

Everywhere in India! From tech startups to million-dollar businesses, women are proving ambition has no gender.

Hence, hearing those inspiring tales of female entrepreneurs and discovering their secrets to success can be a very good topic on this International Women’s Day in India. 

As per a Chinese Proverb “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.” So let’s plant the seeds for a future where women not only dream big but own it all!

2. Closing the Gender Pay Gap

How about working equally hard, while earning half as much? In India, women earn a jaw-dropping 23% less than men for the same job. 

On this IWD, here is an opportunity to tackle this unfair reality and raise a strong voice against the Gender Pay Gap. This can put billions of dollars back in women’s pockets, boosting businesses and families everywhere. 

So join the fight for equal pay! Speak up, demand change, and let’s create a world where hard work is rewarded equally, no matter who you are.

3. Financial Inclusion for Women

For many women in India, running a business of their dreams hits a major roadblock: access to finance.

On this IWD in India, let’s make women entrepreneurs break free from piggy banks and navigate loans, and investment confidently to build empires. 

As Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland wisely said, “When women thrive, economies thrive.” Financial inclusion isn’t just about charity, it’s smart economics. Studies show businesses led by women reinvest more profits back into their communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change. 

So, how do we get there? By promoting financial literacy workshops, connecting women with microfinance options, and advocating for policies that dismantle barriers to credit. This is one of the finest topics to consider for IWD in India this year. 


STEM – science, tech, engineering, and maths in girls is a trending topic in women empowerment space. This simply refers to bringing more women’s participation in those areas and bringing in diversity.

Various studies show that diverse teams are more innovative, and let’s face it, half the population brings a whole lot of diverse perspectives to the table!

Just turn the spotlight on Indian STEM superstars like physicist Rohini Godbole and mathematician Manjula Bhargava. Their stories will electrify young minds like never before.

5. Agriculture and Rural Development

It’s time to shine a spotlight on the rural heroes of the country too. 84% of women in India are involved in agriculture, yet their role often goes unseen. 

They are tilling the land and managing livestock, ensuring food safety for millions. Conducting workshops on empowering them with modern techniques and access to resources, can unlock their greater potential. 

So, let’s raise a toast to the backbone of rural India. By acknowledging and uplifting these women, we cultivate a more prosperous and equitable future for all. 

6. Women in Politics

Women’s emancipation is not a gift to women, it is a gift to humanity.” – Indira Gandhi, Former Prime Minister of India. 

If we want more all-around women empowerment, what is one of the finest ways to do it? Having women at the decision-making table right?

Policies which are shaped by the perspectives of a woman can be a lot more different than men and it certainly does have an added advantage. 

For example, Shweta Shalini is a thought leader in politics and a successful entrepreneur.

Here is your chance to support women candidates, advocate for electoral reforms, and challenge the archaic mindset on this IWD in India.

7. Combating Gender-Based Violence.

It’s high time to face the dark reality of violence against women in India. A crime was recorded every 3 minutes against a woman in India as per a survey. It’s time we stop accepting it as “normal.”

Let’s take a pledge at this year’s event to create a society where women can walk safely on the streets even at night. We can build a world where every woman feels safe, valued, and empowered. 

This topic is crucial for IWD because it addresses a major barrier to gender equality and well-being. By pressing on this issue and promoting solutions, we can make a significant impact on the lives of millions of women in India and beyond.

8. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Behind those picture-perfect smiles and forced cheers, there is an invisible burden carried by countless women: mental health struggles. 

Women are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than men. From societal pressure to gender-based violence, the weight they carry takes a toll.

We need to promote a world where women can freely discuss their anxieties, seek mental health support without being judged, and find safe spaces for healing.

This International Women’s Day, we can empower women to prioritise their well-being, break free from stigma, and thrive not just survive.

9. Education and Empowerment

Educated women earn higher salaries, raise healthy families, and drive positive changes in communities. It’s a win-win for society and the economy.

but, millions of girls still face unequal access to education, and societal norms discourage women from pursuing higher education.

This IWD, you have an opportunity to advocate for policies and support organisations that are working toward empowering women through education. We have to invest in quality education for girls not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it’s a key to a more prosperous and vibrant future for all. 

10. Breaking Stereotypes

Let’s break free from stereotypes as outdated as dial-up internet. There are several stereotypes about women on what they must do. What can she do? Etc.

These stereotypes are holding back half the population and stopped and the potential is still untapped to a large extent.

This IWD hosts a “stereotype swap” or “debunking myths” workshop where you challenge each other’s assumptions. It’s not just for fun, it’s about sparking conversations, dismantling harmful norms, and educating the opposite gender about the problems with those stereotypes.

11. Women in Climate Action

Did you know? Women make up to 80% of the labour for collecting water and fuel, tasks directly impacted by climate disasters. It’s clear: women are disproportionately affected by climate change. 

Hence it’s better to have women’s voices in shaping environmental policies. They have the potential to drive sustainable solutions and lead to a greener future. It would be a win-win for the planet and the economy!

Here is how to amplify the impact.

  • Support organisations are empowering women in climate actions.
  • Promote women’s voices in climate negotiations and decision-making bodies. 
  • Invest in renewable energy projects led by women entrepreneurs.

12. Building Safe Cities for Women

“A city that silences half of its population silences its full potential” (half of the population refers to women. It’s not the picture-perfect skylines, we need cities where fear doesn’t follow every footstep. 

Why should this be a priority? Studies show fear restricts women’s movement, limiting access to education, employment, and necessities. 

On this IWD 2024, you can take a chance to create awareness on this which can be turned into action sooner. Let’s hold authorities accountable, support organisations building safe spaces, and create a collective roar for change.

13. Bridging the Digital Divide

This IWD you have an opportunity to bridge the digital divide, empower women and surf the web like internet ninjas.

Digital literacy will help rural women entrepreneurs sell their crafts and goods online, and girls code the next game-changing app. Millions of women in India still lack access to technology or the skills to use it. 

You can support organisations providing digital literacy to women, donate your old device, and also spread the word to encourage women to explore the world of technology.

14. Promoting Women’s Rights in Healthcare

Imagine a world where every woman, regardless of income or background, has access to quality healthcare. And not struggling to afford basic medical care. 

This is still a hope that is waiting to be a reality for millions of women. It’s not just unfair, it’s holding back entire communities.

On this year’s International Women’s Day, You can set your stage to demand affordable, accessible healthcare for all, Challenging stigmas and promoting open conversations about women’s health.

15. Empowering the Next Generation

You can use this stage to empower young girls to become the future of tomorrow. 

Here’s the scoop: When girls see confident women leading the way, their aspirations skyrocket. Studies show mentored girls are more likely to pursue leadership roles. That’s good for everyone.

You can start mentoring the young girls from your organisation, provide them with leadership training, and challenge outdated stereotypes.

16. Celebrating Women in History 

This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the real-life heroines who defied expectations, shattered glass ceilings, and paved the way for us today.

Ananya Birla, artist and businesswoman. With over 500 million streams, Ananya is also India’s biggest-selling English language global popstar and Deepshikha Kumar Founder and CEO, of SpeakIn  India’s first and largest consortium of business speakers servicing over 2000 areas of expertise. 

These women, and countless others, didn’t wait for permission to make their mark. They broke barriers, challenged the status quo, and left the world a better place.

But why is celebrating these trailblazers so important for IWD 2024? Because seeing their achievements isn’t just about looking back, it’s about igniting inspiration for the future

Their stories remind us that anything is possible, no matter the obstacles. They are a powerful reminder of the collective strength and potential that lies within all women.

17. Awarding and Recognizing Women Achievers

A teacher fighting for girls’ education in a remote village, an entrepreneur defying stereotypes to build a tech empire, and an activist raising awareness about violence against women. These are the true stars of our society! They need to be cheered up.

Here is why you need to shine a light on them.

Recognition amplifies impact. Awards, fellowships, and even social media shoutouts give these change-makers the fuel they need to push boundaries and inspire others.

A creative, inclusive celebration with these guests will spark conversation, build communities, and inspire actions. 

18. Sharing Personal Stories

Not every woman has a powerful story to share. But she has her real-life battle which sounds very much relatable to junior women employees of the team. 

Sharing our journeys, vulnerabilities, and triumphs does more than just connect us. When we hear the laughter and tears of others, we realize we’re not alone. It’s a collective sigh of relief, a chorus of “me too,” and a powerful reminder of our shared humanity.

Why does this topic need to be considered? True change needs stories, not just statistics. When a senior-level women employee shares her story, she becomes a relatable role model for her juniors.

19. Promoting Gender Equality in Media and Pop Culture

In most movies today, women are just eye candy or waiting to be rescued. To break these stereotypes we need more entertainment stuff with diverse female characters representation.

Media shapes the perception of the world and ourselves. If women are portrayed as weak, submissive, or one-dimensional it can reinforce harmful biases towards them. 

This IWD 2024, sets a stage and gives a shout-out for a future, where women are portrayed with respect, complexity, and power. Remember, representation matters!

20. Embracing Intersectionality

This is a serious topic that needs to be discussed. It’s time to acknowledge the diverse experiences of women across race, class, ability, and identity. 

A solution is needed for the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ+ women, women of colour, and women with disabilities. Sounds powerful right? Because it is!

True progress of all women means leaving no one behind. 

This IWD, let’s celebrate the voices and stories of diverse women, and advocate for solutions to address the specific needs of different groups. 


So, dear reader, as we close the book on this reflection invite Leading women’s speakers to join in your celebration, remember that International Women’s Day isn’t just a single chapter in the fight for equality. It’s a powerful prologue, setting the stage for a thrilling narrative of progress yet unwritten. 

Each of us, with our unique talents, experiences, and voices, holds the pen to write the next line. Will it be a tale of continued struggle or a triumphant anthem of inclusivity and empowerment? The choice is ours. 

Let’s pick up the pen together, celebrate the journey thus far, and boldly ink a future where every woman’s story shines brighter than ever before. Happy International Women’s Day, and may this be the year we rewrite the script, not just for a day, but for generations to come.

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