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Top 20 Topics for 2024 Women’s Day Celebration in India: Women Reservation Bill, Women Lead Economy, and other interesting ones to choose

Forget the same old flower bouquets and feel-good speeches! This year let’s celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) with powerful discussions that can bring changes.  Did you know? According to a survey in 2021, 85% of Indian women have missed out… Read More »Top 20 Topics for 2024 Women’s Day Celebration in India: Women Reservation Bill, Women Lead Economy, and other interesting ones to choose

List of Business Speakers in India 2021


It’s important for corporates to invest in their talent and keep them motivated as a company is as good as the people it has. One of the best ways to motivate your talent pool is to make them interact with a business expert, who will bring fresh perspective and insights. One session with a business speaker will naturally create an aspiration to achieve more in your employees.

Sadhguru Quotes. No 1 motivational speaker in India


The most awaited list of speakers is out!
Indian Speaker Bureau’s coveted list of top 10 motivational speakers in India for 2021, is out.
Read the list along with their best quotes and stay motivated. Happy 2021!

Top 10 Women Speakers in India


In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in women’s contributions to the nation’s growth. As per recent figures, women comprise 14 percent of the total entrepreneurs in India, which works out to 8 million. About 20.37 percent of the MSME industry in India is made up of women-led businesses, which also employ about 23.3 percent of the labor population.


Top 10 International Women’s Day (IWD) Speakers in 2024

It is beyond debate that, frontline workers fighting COVID-19 are largely made of Women. And it is because of the sacrifices of these ‘COVID Warriors’ that, the world could respond better to the pandemic. In the aftermath of the COVID Crisis, it may be as heads of states or as bureaucrats or as doctors or nurses, more and more Women have shown exemplary leadership and managerial abilities in managing tough situations with great balance and decisiveness.

“You are so much stronger than your excuses”. - Unknown. Indian Speaker Bureau

Top Trending Motivational Quotes, Worth Sharing on Your Social Media Status

Motivational quotes of great personalities or the age-old proverbs act as our unbiased friends, by guiding us in the right direction. So, here are few such wonderful, trending motivational quotes to pump you up. We are sure that, you’ll share them on your social media and WhatsApp status to motivate your family, friends and love ones.

inspiring life and quotes of Dr. Vivek Bindra, leading Motivational Speaker and business coach

Not every motivational speaker and Entrepreneurship coach can boast an active 11.4 mn YouTube subscribers, like Dr. Vivek Bindra. It is not just the powerful talks of him, but his life journey itself is truly inspirational.
He is the Founder & CEO of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. The ed-tech company that aims to Empower Indian Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Wannapreneurs (students) to transform their businesses and careers.