Sonam Wangchuk

Innovator and education reformist, Engineer

Technology, Celebrity
Technology & Innovation, Social Entrepreneur
Sonam Wangchuk


Sonam Wangchuk is the founder of SECMOL, an alternative school dedicated to students failed by the system. Along with his students, he created a ground breaking method of storing water - the Ice Stupa, thereby solving the water shortage problems of thousands of Ladakhi farmers. For this, he received the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise. In this talk, he illustrates the various issues with the present system of education and puts forth his vision to create a people’s university where students would learn through practical application and solving real life problems. Watch this talk and let Sonam Wangchuk paint a beautiful picture of what our education system could look like. Inventor, Engineer and an Education Reformist. Founder of SECMOL. Rolex Award recipient.