Dr Ashwani Lohani

Fr. Chairman-Indian Railways and Fr. CMD, Air India

Business, Business Leaders
Corporate Consulting, Corporate Trainer
Dr Ashwani Lohani


Journey to a clean bureaucracy - India’s most honest officer shares his experiences on the past, present and future of governance in India. In order to perform, a bureaucrat, especially in the higher echelons, has to evolve as a leader and has to cultivate such leadership qualities that do not inspire awe or fear, but respect. This is done through leading by example, focus, objectivity, consistency, empathy, commitment to the tasks and an ever-burning desire to deliver. The virtues need to be used for evolving better systems and for inspiring colleagues to perform. Meet Mr Ashwani Lohani, the former chairman of the Railways Board of India with nearly 13,00,000 people reporting to him.