Rana Atheya

Founder & CEO, DogSpot Meals & DogSpot.in, DogSpot.in

Pet Parenting, Animals

Rana Atheya


Rana Atheya, Founder and CEO of DogSpot Meals and DogSpot.in, is a seasoned professional in product and customer management. His vision behind DogSpot.in is to simplify the challenges of pet parenting and disseminate valuable knowledge, nutrition, and insights within the pet-loving community.

A lifelong dog lover, Rana was frequently sought after for advice on caring for pets in Indian homes. Identifying the knowledge gap, he combined his online expertise with his passion for pets to create a platform tailored to pet owners' needs. DogSpot Meals, one of his ventures, provides high-quality, human-grade fresh food for dogs, guaranteeing wholesome nutrition for furry companions.

Under Rana's leadership, DogSpot.in has evolved into the Asia-Pacific region's largest pet community site, experiencing consistent organic growth. It received funding from prominent investors, including Ratan Tata, in the 2015-16 fiscal year, furthering its mission to empower individuals to become better pet parents and caregivers.

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