Rajan Singh

Founder | Online habit-building programs for a good life, HabitStrong

Emotional Wellbeing, Wellness
Work-life Balance, Motivational

Rajan Singh


Rajan Singh's journey from an electrical engineering student at IIT Kanpur to the founder of HabitStrong is a remarkable tale of transformation. After studying engineering and serving ast the youngest and longest-serving Police Commissioner of Trivandrum City, Rajan's thirst for adventure led him to the MBA program at Wharton, where he decoded the intricacies of business jargon. He later joined McKinsey as a consultant in New York, despite lacking corporate experience.

However, Rajan's true passion lies in HabitStrong, a venture that happened serendipitously. As a staunch advocate of discipline and routine, he values the power of a well-crafted morning routine and is passionate about running and meditation. With HabitStrong, Rajan aims to empower individuals to embrace positive habits and take control of their lives. He envisions a future where he can live amidst the mountains, disconnected from Wi-Fi, while continuing to inspire positive change through HabitStrong's mission.