Mrinalini Khusape

Founder and CEO at,

Pet Parenting, Start-ups

Mrinalini Khusape


Mrinalini had a successful corporate career of over 19 years in industries such as Automobile, FMCG, Media & is now into Pet Services. A Mechanical Engineer who was recruited from XIMB to the Aditya Birla Leadership Program, she had a stint of over 8+ years in the Skoda Auto VW Group.
A passionate pet enthusiast, Mrinalini channeled her love for pets into making their lives easier by trying to make their care easier for their families. At PawPurrfect, India's largest pet services e-marketplace, they look both at the quality of life as well as health. PawPurrfect sends Pet Experts at the pet's Doorstep for pet Services (Training, grooming, sitting, walking, boarding and vets), Insurance and Pathology currently.

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